Calendar of Events 2017

NOTE: I travel a LOT, so I'll try to keep this updated with my personal travel in addition to the business travel.

Things change and get added, so I'll keep this updated. Orders get shipped out between travels. I tried to change colors between months to make it easier to read. They don't signify anything more than that. 

January 3-15, 2017 - Hana, Hawaii (Personal/Biz)

January 6 - Global Heart Healers Webinar (China)

February 4th - Global Heart Healers Webinar (China)

February 5-12  - Global Heart Healers' Beta Training, Prescott, AZ

Feb 17 - March 17, Morro Bay, California (Personal/Biz)

March 3rd - Global Heart Healers Webinar (China)

• March 26-April 5 - Taiwan Teaching 6-Day Retreat

April 6 - 13 - Beijing Teaching 6-Day Retreat

April 13 - 24th - Shenzhen, China Teaching 6-Day Retreat

May - HOME! Yay!

June - HOME & Birthday Month!

July 13 - 25th - 40th Class Reunion, Luverne, MN (I can't believe it's been 40 years! Wow, I'm getting old!)

August - HOME! Yay!

September (TBA) Global Heart Healers Training in Connecticut. More info to come on this.

November (TBA)  - Shenzhen Teaching 6-Day Retreat

November (TBA) - Taiwan Teaching 6-Day Retreat

November (TBA) - Beijing Teaching 6-Day Retreat

December HOME!